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Dive Into An In-Depth and Dynamic Training Experience Where

Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Research

In our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Progra

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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From The Desk of Jess Proulx
Lead Teacher,

Dear Seeker,

Have you been looking for an online program but you are afraid that it will be diluted and not include all of the information provided in a 1:1 setting? Do you care about more than just physical poses and want to learn history and philosophy, energetic and physical anatomy, breath work and meditation? Are you looking for a well-rounded experience and not trying to bypass the work just for the certificate?

You are not alone! And we have created this course with you in mind.  

What if I told you that there IS a way to experience an online yoga teacher training in a comprehensive way, all at your own pace, with lifetime access too all the coursework and material?

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program provides you with just that. 

Imagine having lifetime access to:

  • 9 in-depth Modules that take your from an outward to an inward experience
  • Essential Teaching Tools that you can revisit again and again as you perfect your teaching skills
  • Mentorship and Support email support and the ability to add on 1:1 mentoring with ME! 

By registering today, you are start down the path of peace and creating space for healing. 

When I was studying and feeling stuck in points of progress I had a teacher who used to say "if not now, when"?.

Make NOW Your NOW.

In loving support,
Jess ​

4.93 out of 5

On Yoga Allaince

Dozens of 5 out of 5 Stars

"I didn't know that the program would contain so much depth"

Juri - Toronto, Canada


Your Future is Just a few Clicks away

Don't let another day pass you by wondering "if?". Get your self started in the program TODAY. 


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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course tuition

A: This comprehensive, 9 module course with lifetime, self-paced access is available for $1399. Once the course is purchased, it is non-refundable.  

Is there required reading?

A: Yes, you will need the book "The Path of the Yoga Sutra" by Nicholi Bachman 

Will I have support

A: Yes, you can email anytime with questions or clarifications. 

B. If you prefer a more 1:1 experience, there is a mentorship upgrade that gives you access to working 1:1 with your lead teacher Jess Proulx. 

Is this accredited and how do I get certified?

A: Yes. This course is accredited through the Yoga Alliance. We are an accredited 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher school as well as YCEP accredited to provide continuing education. 

​B. To achieve certification, you must complete all modules, submit journal observations of 25 studio classes (outside of your training), submit a 60 minute teaching practicum, and complete an open book test (answers to which are compiled in your notes throughout your training) . 

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