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What Is The

500 Hour Certification

Yoga Alliance Accredited 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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what's inside each module:

Your first module "Ayurveda for the Yoga Teacher" will land in your account immediately. New courses will be available every month and can be done in any order, at any pace. 

module 1

Ayurveda for the Yoga Teacher

  • ​the 5 elemental model and its connection to yoga
  • ​the doshas and seasonal imbalances
  • ​yoga, meditation, and breathwork to create balancing and healing sequences
  • ​self-care tools and lifestyle practices for the yoga teacher

module 2

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

  • ​The nervous system, stress/relax response, and restorative
  • ​Pose breakdown
  • ​Sequencing and class building

module 3

History & Philosophy

  • ​What are the Yogas? (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism)
  • ​Samkhya and Yoga Darshanas (The Yoga of Patanajali)
  • ​The Karmic Lifecycle, Kleshas, and Cycle of Samskara

module 4


  • ​Modern vs Ancient Draw toward meditation
  • ​Yoga and Buddhist Meditation practices
  • ​Modern approaches and study 

module 5

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

  • ​The worlds of Yoga and Taoist Philosophy merge 
  • ​Anatomy and Yin
  • ​Poses and sequencing 
  • ​Yin and the nervous system

module 6


  • ​Advanced Pranayama Techniques
  • ​Pranayama and the Pradipika 
  • ​Teaching advances practices 

module 7

Vinyasa & Advanced Asana

  • ​New tools to creating interesting and memorable flows
  • ​Advanced asana
  • ​News ways to approach asana

module 8

Trauma & The Nervous System

  • ​Understanding Trauma 
  • ​Understanding the nervous system and its relationship to all systems
  • ​How the yoga practice Affects it all 

module 9

Energetic Anatomy

  • ​Chakras, Nadis, Grunthis
  • ​Revisit the Koshas
  • ​Open the door for your students to go deeper 

Monthly Group Mentoring


We did not want to compromise community! Each 300 hour yoga teacher student joins a small group cohort for monthly meetings. 

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1:1 Mentoring Directly with Your Teacher!

1:1 Mentoring 

One of the things that I missed in my advanced trainings was the 1:1 time I needed with my teachers. So I made sure you have it here! 

I want you

to have the time to explore what all of this means for you and how YOU want to take YOUR own unique approach to your training. 

​Practicum with real world application

Use your story

Your wisdom, your understanding to create a unique, focused program. Perhaps you focus on 1 module, perhaps 2, a blend of all. And we do it together! 

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The moment I walked into the studio the respect toward Jessica was immediate. She carries a source of knowledge and insight about the practice that is a beautiful blend of her extensive knowledge, discipline, & most importantly love with a direct focus on healing oneself. I look forward to continuing my education with Jessica and finally completing my 500hr. yoga teacher training!

Tanya D. 

Being in the 500 hour training with Jess is always a journey filled with fun and growth. Her teaching style ensures everyone can shine their unique light, making each session memorable and inspiring.

Jackie L. 

There are so many additional learning opportunities that it is hard to tell you them all but

Here is what you get when you join our next 300 hour Yoga teacher training group

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  • ​​All 9 courses ​ ($4032 Value)
  • ​Self- Paced, No Pressure Learning
  • ​Lifetime Access​​
  • ​1 Practicum with any concentration ($800 Value)
  • ​Course downloads, classes, and over 30 class templates and scripts  ($367 Value)
  • ​ Email access to your teachers anytime!
  • ​6 Months of Group Mentoring and Community Support ​ ($1000 Value)
  • ​4, 1:1 Mentoring Sessions directly with your lead teacher ($800 Value)
  • ​500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification (Priceless!)

Course Value  $6399   Register today for only  $4999
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Jess Proulx, E-RYT 500

Co-Director of Direct Path Institute

Jess Proulx is a 23+ year Yoga and Eastern Philosophy educator that has guided teachers just like you to take their personal journey and their teaching to the next level. 

Blending the worlds of ancient philosophy with modern research, Jess revolutionizes the way we look at mindfulness practices while honoring the teachings from which they came. 

Jess was the founding director of The OM Center and has taught teacher trainings and retreat experiences across the globe. She has been featured in Women Magazine, Entrepreneur's Break, and numerous podcasts.