Your approach to Yoga will never be the same!

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Ayurveda for the Yoga Teacher,
Creating depth and dimension 
to your teaching practice.

Your approach will never be the same!

  • Self-Paced: Modules with lifetime access
  • 20 CEUs:  Available after course and assignment completion
  • Study of Ayurveda: And its connection to the Yoga practice
  • Guides: To provide balancing and healing practice during times of imbalance using asana, pranayama, and more
  • Self-care practices: And tools for your own self-care and self-study

Register for this one course, or take advantage of the offer below! 

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1 Course: Ayurveda 

This 1 Course Includes

  • ​Intro to Using Ayurveda in the Yoga Practice: tools you can start using right from Module 1! 
  • ​Breakdown of the doshas and their subtle energies, season, time of day, and season of life
  • ​How imbalances show up in nature and in the body
  • ​The concept of like attracts like
  • ​Asana, pranayama, and practice building to balance out the doshas
  • ​Personal Ayurvedic lifestyle tools for the Yoga teacher
  • ​Balancing Yoga practices
  • ​Class templates for each dosha
  • ​20 CEU credits, Yoga Alliance Accredited ​​

Course Tuition: $448  : Today$399

full 500 hour certification

Full Certification Includes:

  • ​All 9 courses below! ​ ($4032 Value)
  • ​Self- Paces, No Pressure Learning
  • ​Lifetime Access​​
  • ​1 Practicum with any concentration ($800 Value)
  • ​Course downloads, classes, and over 30 class templates and scripts ($367 Value)
  • ​ Email access to your teachers anytime! 
  • ​6 Months of Group Mentoring and Community Support ​ ($1000 Value)
  • ​4, 1:1 Mentoring Sessions directly with your lead teacher ($800 Value)

Program Value  $6999   
Register today for only 
Special Kula Rate! $4499

​12 Month Payment Plan Available!

what's inside each course:

Your first module "Ayurveda for the Yoga Teacher" will land in your account immediately. New courses will be available every month and can be done in any order, at any pace. 

Ayurveda for the Yoga Teacher

  • ​the 5 elemental model and its connection to yoga
  • ​the doshas and seasonal imbalances
  • ​yoga, meditation, and breathwork to create balancing and healing sequences
  • ​self-care tools and lifestyle practices for the yoga teacher

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

  • ​The nervous system, stress/relax response, and restorative
  • ​Pose breakdown
  • ​Sequencing and class building

History & Philosophy

  • ​What are the Yogas?​
  • ​Samkhya and Yoga Darshanas (The Yoga of Patanajali)
  • ​The Karmic Lifecycle, Kleshas, and Cycle of Samskara
  • ​Buddhism


  • ​Modern vs Ancient Draw toward meditation
  • ​Yoga and Buddhist Meditation practices
  • ​Modern approaches and study 

module 5

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

  • ​The worlds of Yoga and Taoist Philosophy merge 
  • ​Anatomy and Yin
  • ​Poses and sequencing 
  • ​Yin and the nervous system

module 6


  • ​Advanced Pranayama Techniques
  • ​Pranayama and the Pradipika 
  • ​Teaching advances practices 

module 7

Vinyasa & Advanced Asana

  • ​New tools to creating interesting and memorable flows
  • ​Advanced asana
  • ​News ways to approach asana

module 8

Trauma & The Nervous System

  • ​Understanding Trauma 
  • ​Understanding the nervous system and its relationship to all systems
  • ​How the yoga practice Affects it all 

module 9

Energetic Anatomy

  • ​Chakras, Nadis, Grunthis
  • ​Revisit the Koshas
  • ​Open the door for your students to go deeper 

what to expect in the full 500 hour certification program

There is no pressure and no deadlines. You can work entirely at your own pace! 

Our next cohort begins in September. Limited spots available.  If you register today, you will get access to your first module (Ayurveda for the Yoga Teacher) with monthly drops of new modules. 

​Cohort meetings run September-February. If you miss a meeting, no problem, everything is recorded and you can watch it when you are ready! 

This course will revolutionize the way you offer yoga to your students. 

And get you thinking beyond the asana and toward building classes for healing and balance. No matter the style or vigor of the practice. 

​Take all the skills you already know and understand how to utilize them in an entirely new way! 

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I feel so lucky to have been able to learn from, work with her and continue to take classes from her or attend workshops whenever possible. If you find yourself wondering if you should take the leap to seek any sort of training, retreat or class by Jessica and her Direct Path Institute……DO IT!

- Kaitlyn P., Brooklyn, NY

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[Jess] carries a source of knowledge and insight about the practice that is a beautiful blend of her extensive knowledge, discipline, & most importantly love with a direct focus on healing oneself. I look forward to continuing my education with Jessica and finally completing my 500hr. yoga teacher training!

- Tanya, J., CT, USA

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